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  • plusarchitekt:

    This blog has never directly dealt with products or advertisement, but every so often, I stumble across a well-designed and well-marketed piece that gets me excited enough to click the “Add to Amazon Wishlist” button in my browser and oggle every few weeks.

    Made in the Ancient Roman city of Detroit, Michigan, The Floyd Leg easily attaches to just about any planar material to make one of the quickest (and in my often not so humble opinion, most efficient) work stations you can get without a wood-shop in the immediate vicinity.

    While paying around $200 might seem unreasonable for a set of metal legs with adjustable clamps, the Floyd Leg is what industrial design looks like at its finest: direct, well-crafted, easy-to-use, and available in more than two colors. 

    (via alwaysinstudio)

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